What is stopping you from having great Signature Style?

Are you constantly feeling like you know what personal style you desire, but have no idea on how to execute it?

Do you feel uninspired and sometimes depressed when you think about getting dressed?

Are you having problems with getting dressed to conquer your days?

Do you feel less confident when presenting yourself to the world, your job, or your spouse?

Are you tired of feeling like you have a closet full of clothing with nothing to wear?

Do you constantly feel unprepared on what to wear for your upcoming events?


I think you've come to the right place...

I have developed the Signature Style of over 100+ women, who now understand the impact of their style, AND how to maintain it.
My goal is to help you as well.

My Approach

Consult. Compose. Create.

We build + create a key wardrobe that caters to the Signature Style of the client, which can be translated to the public with assurance and ease.

Edit. Extend. Execute.

We focus on getting to the root of styling issues + provide style solutions in the closet, educate on styling techniques, and wardrobe maintenance to eliminate useless spending + closet confusion.

Work with Sydney

Ready to figure out the next step when it comes to creating or developing your personal style?

  • Express your style issues + concerns
  • Gain an understanding of the services available to you.
  • Strategize a personal styling game plan to eliminate personal styling issues + concerns.

Standing in a full closet with nothing to wear?

  • Edit the space by removing + organizing
  • Create a closet system through key merchandising techniques.
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal styling mistakes that are creating issues in your daily wardrobe.

Claim and maintain your Signature Style with month to month education + courses.

  • Key wardrobe building + maintenance.
  • Resolving impactful styling issues yourself.
  • Redefining your personal style to match your goals, lifestyle, body type, and preferences.

What are my clients saying?

I love the way Sydney took the pieces that I had in my closet and created outfits that I could not envision on my own. Her expertise has saved me money, time and energy that I would normally spend in the malls. When I had special events, she did the shopping for me, which saved time and money because she spent wisely and stayed within my budget. Her Closet Revamp service changed my life! We got rid of items that I would never realistically wear again and she provided me with a new way of organizing my clothes, shoes and accessories!

Denise Bryers

Fitness Expert and Personal Styling Client

Working with Sydney has been a dream! I am so thankful I stumbled upon her Instagram account and services. Personal shopping helped me open up my eyes to a variety of pieces I probably would not have bought myself and now I cannot imagine my closet without them. The Look Book service is a MUST. Having 50+ outfits already planned for me has helped me to be able to be very trendy and fashion forward with my busy schedule. I can’t make any excuses for myself now! Overall, extremely pleased and satisfied. She’s incredible!


Nurse and Personal Styling Client

Sydney recently styled an outfit for me for a red carpet event and I LOVED my look! She is so professional and puts real effort into her service. When she showed me my mood board I could tell just how knowledgeable she truly is within the fashion industry. Thank you for my look Sydney & for providing me with service I am happy to recommend to others.

Ask Asklee

Vlogger and Entertainment Host

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